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A story of CREATion

Image by Jesse Collins

Meet Dawn

G'day! I am an Aussie soap maker living in Brighton, Michigan, so Kangaroo Soap isn't just a name - it's actually made by an Australian! I love to travel and life has landed me here in the USA.

I love making great soaps and body products, for myself, my family and friends! Now I am excited to be able to share them with others!
Each bar is beautifully handcrafted, packaged with care, and made from great ingredients! All bars (or cakes in Australia) of soap are unique - just like you!

Buying from someone that creates small batch artisan products means you know the designer, you know where it is made and exactly what is in the product. Everything from start to finish.

Don’t see a fragrance or colour you are after? No worries, mate! I’m happy to take custom orders as well!

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